Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whats Next?

Bring it on Spartan Challenge 2010!!!


This was it. This was the final test of my 8 weeks I AM CROSSFIT CHALLENGE! 8 weeks went by so fast! I cannot believe it! We started with this:

I Am CrossFit E.P.O.C. from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

Here we are 8 weeks later to put it all to the test. To test our efforts. To lay it on the line. To go against ourselves, the weight, the clock. To reach goals set 8 weeks ago. To smash goals set 8 weeks ago. To make dreams come true. We were group #2. We warmed up as normal (in our new LuLuLemon attire that we rewarded ourselves with as well as our AWESOME sports bra's Melisa had made for us that said "I AM CROSSFIT EPOC"). We were then paired with a coach. I was paired with Mike. Next we set our bars for pull ups and hang cleans. We lined up and took off. The workout was as follow (in case you forgot):
3 rounds:
400m Run
15 pull ups
7 hang cleans (level 3 95lbs)
Of course Melisa set the pace...which is a HUGE help for me because if I can keep her in sight then I consider myself doing okay. LOL! We were the first 2 in and like Travis suggested during my final measurements, I ran right to my bar and started my pull ups. He suggested that when you get done with one exercise you run straight to the next exercise and get at least one rep in. I did the first set of pull ups without a band, rounds 2 and 3 I had to use a red band ONLY because I did that the first time, ugh. I knocked out 95lbs and took off for the run. I felt good! I got through rounds 2 and 3 called time at 8:58. When I did this 8 weeks ago my time was 11:09. I beat my time by a little over 2 mins...HECK YEAH!!!
We stayed around and watched Em who just repped out everything and smashed through the workout in no time! She did soooo wonderful! After that Melisa, Pam, Jess, and myself headed to Upper Crust Bakery where Chris, Melisa's brother had us Double C cupcakes made!! OMG were they AMAZING! Since this was our cheat day (first one in 8 weeks) we had a whole day planned out and cheat wasn't going to stop at this outing. LOL! Melisa and I shared a cupcake and a coffee. Us 4 also shared a MASSIVE yet so amazing cinn roll! Our next stop was Central Market for our favorite, coffee and samples!!! We tried a vareity of stuff here...including lots of processed stuff. Since the weather was AMAZING...thank you God...we went to the farmers market off Brodie! This is something I have always wanted to do, but it has been cold and/or rainy. If you know me I'm NOT going outside in these conditions! After the samples at the farmers market, we went back to my casa and I opened a bag of peanut M&Ms that I was given during my challenge but threw in my freezer for my cheat day. Melisa and I had a few each. Next we loaded up Duke and went to Auditorium Shores to let Duker run and play with other dogs, he had a blast. On the way home we went to LuLu to see what was on sale and check Mel's giftcards! I left my wallet in the car on purpose but Duke and I went in to help Melisa pick out a new tank top...that was on sale! We finally came home and I had more m&ms and half of another cupcake. Melisa left and I got a little nap! I then picked Melisa up around 7:15pm ish and we headed to Olive Garden to help Michelle turn 43! We met Pam here and then she went with us to meet up with Rick. Since we agreed to meet up with Rick later, we had a drink and chilled with Michelle then met Rick for dinner at Matt's El Rancho. Let me start off by saying, 1 glass of wine after 8weeks of NO drinks...WOW! At Matt's we had 2 ritas and processed chips but a paleo salad that was oh so yummy! We were even joined by one of my AWESOME clients AND Jess stopped by to say hello and show us her SUPER cute boots...which we are going to have to break in soon! After a wonderful night we all headed hom and I was in bed around 11pm LOL! I LOVE IT...Saturday night and I'm in bed early! Well I actually ended up snuggling on the couch with Duker! What a GREAT way to end an awesome 8 week challenge.


After my Thursday workout I met Travis for my weigh in. This weigh in would tell the truth. Numbers don't lie. These numbers tell how hard I worked and how well I ate. These numbers could make me or break me. Can you see why I was a little freaked out? First it was the scale, next the tape measure then the dreaded pinchers. Good thing this came after a PR on squat, that started the day off good. To my suprise the results were great! I dropped 3% body fat and 4lbs! I'll take it! As soon as I can get my sheet back from Travis, I will post the final measurments. I'm also working on getting my before and after pictures...woo hoo!


This week our Tuesday workouts were max workouts. Our goal was to see how much we could lift in one rep (reminded me of powerlifting). Tuesday was Shoulder Press and Deadlift. Melisa and I paired up and we started on shoulder press...NOT push press, NO dip drive...straight up shoulder press. Ouch...and I suck at shoulder press. Warm up was a set of 10 and set of load began with a set of 5, the 3 then 3 sets of 1 reps. Mine went as followed:
Shoulder Press:
10 - 45lbs
8 - 55lbs
5 - 65lbs
3 - 75lbs
1 - 85lbs
1 - 90lbs...this was my max
1 - 95lbs....this one didn't go. stopped at my forehead and wouldn't move LOL
* I created a PR of 90lbs (last PR was 85lbs)

10 - 135lbs
8 - didn't do, time was flying by
5 - 185lbs
3 - saved time by not doing this one
1- 205lbs
1 - 225lbs
1 - 250 (came right up, no worries!)
* I created a PR of 250lbs!

Later on this day, Tuesday, I did an EPOC workout:
10push ups
15 pushups
40 swings
20 push ups

I did all the push ups on my knees and I swang a 25lb dumbbell which all will agree was WAY to light but it was the Rx. To Light! I called time at 3:40.

Thursday was Squat. Squat is a mental game, there is no doubt about that. If you knew me in the past you know I FREAK OUT over squats. There was nothing different about this day LOL! I did freak out! Same rep scheme as Tuesday:
10 - 45lbs
8 - 95lbs
5 - 135lbs
3 - 185lbs
1 - 200lbs
1- 215lbs
1 - 225lbs
* 225lbs is my new PR :)!!

These 3 PRs (push press, deadlift, and squat) got me a double C sticker for my car!! HECK YEAH!!! As soon as I can, I'm going to put it on my car!! I'm proud!

Well I took Friday off because Saturday was the FINAL EPOC workout!

Kettlebell Seminar Notes

Okay here are my notes from the kettlebell seminar I attened a few weekends ago. There is no order of these notes, I just wrote at they talked LOL!

Benefits of KB: (combine with strength and flexability)
lean muscle
enhance abilities/crossfit

RKC = Best bell
- Find a bell that you can balance/handle (no triangle)
- Both hands can fit inside handle

Russian vs. American Swings
- Russian Swings, arms go parallel to the groud
- American swings are overhead
- American swings are used in high reps
- American swings you need to drive heels harder into ground

Programing Workouts:
- There is a specific lift time frame
- Snatch: how many reps in time frame?
- tabata: 20sec on/10sec off
- tabata: 45sec on /15 sec off
- Ladder:
1 *2 3 4 5 6
1 *2 3 4 5
1 *2 3 4
1 *2 3
1 *2
* = rest, 200m run, breaths, count (1-2-3 go!), etc.

- Clean
- Swings
- Snatch
- etc.

The workshop ended with the following WOD:
power swings
push press

Monday, March 1, 2010

You Registered for WHAT???

I tell you what...this "I am Crossfit Challenge" has really motivated me to do get involved more and more in crossfit! Crazy enough I have registered for Sectionals. I'm really looking forward to a scary nervous kinda way. LOL! I have also registered for the Affiliate Tryouts. Another thing I'm scared and nervous about. I ALSO have registered to do my final benchmark workout March 6th at 8:20am! I just wanna beat my time from when I started this...8 weeks ago...can you believe it? I can honstly say I have made lifestyle changes that I will follow. Yes I will have a cheat meal...that will prob make me sick. This cheat meal will be samples and some M&Ms! LOL I'm looking forward to see how far I have come! If you don't crossfit now...DO IT! Ask me how I can help!