Monday, March 1, 2010

You Registered for WHAT???

I tell you what...this "I am Crossfit Challenge" has really motivated me to do get involved more and more in crossfit! Crazy enough I have registered for Sectionals. I'm really looking forward to a scary nervous kinda way. LOL! I have also registered for the Affiliate Tryouts. Another thing I'm scared and nervous about. I ALSO have registered to do my final benchmark workout March 6th at 8:20am! I just wanna beat my time from when I started this...8 weeks ago...can you believe it? I can honstly say I have made lifestyle changes that I will follow. Yes I will have a cheat meal...that will prob make me sick. This cheat meal will be samples and some M&Ms! LOL I'm looking forward to see how far I have come! If you don't crossfit now...DO IT! Ask me how I can help!

1 comment:

  1. karen you rocked it yesterday~! you look great - I am so excited to see you catching the 'clean eating and crossfit' bug :)