Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today was one of the free workouts at Crossfit Central . I attended the kettlebell workout. After our warm up we played around with the bells, practicing some moves we would need in the following workout. We then lined up outside and began our workout which was as follow:
AMRAP 12 min (originally 20 mins)
10 squat cleans (single arm)
American swining with Lateral stepping (length marked off)
10 push ups

I think I completed around 7 or 8 rounds (again not a great counter) with a 12kg bell. Then we all took the bell we were swinging and we had to do a walk....with the bell overhead at all times. This isn't as easy as it sounds. If you needed to switch hands you had to stop. This wasn't easy. After we all came in from our workouts we put the bells away and did a little tabata workotu with knees to elbows and planks. This wasn't so bad. THEN because it was someones birthday...Birthday Blurpees...she turned 33. So yes, 33 blurpees. After all that I practice some pull ups at the gym, took duker to the park and had a long mucho needed nap! Life is good!

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