Saturday, February 27, 2010


2.21.10 Sunday
Well I had soem making up to do...I did one EPOC strength and one EPOC endurance today. The strength one went as followed:
4 rounds:
20 mtn climbers
20 planks w/ leg lifts
20 push ups
20 pain brushers (lifting up arms)

This was a shoulder KILLER! OUCH! I called time at 6:07 but I honestly don't think my push ups would have counted if coach was standing there counting. but maybe! The best thing about this workout is there was no equipment involved and you could do it at home.

The EPOC endurance workout went as followed:
4 rounds: Tabata lunges (20 seconds on then 10 sec off) then a 400m run

Since this day had GREAT weather I told my friend Rachael to meet me at the Bowie track and join me in on the workout. I also brought the Duke! We had a great time! Needless to say, I was SORE! LOL! I didn't keep time I just completed the workout. This was another "no equipment one" I enjoyed!

I did this EPOC orkout with Melisa (no suprise). The workout went as followed:
3 Rounds: (m 55lbs/F 35lbs)
800m run
8 front squats

We decided to use 45lbs barbells (10lb more than the rx) instead of a dumbbell. We figured it was a single dumbbell so I hope we were right. Anyways we started out on the treader. knocked out an 800m run at 9mph then ran to our barbells completed each set of 8 then back to the treaders...9.2mph then our 2 sets of 8...9.2, 2 sets of 8. This workout wasn't that bad. I called time at 13:05. I like having Melisa push me on those runs she is awesome!

Today was our Tuesday workout. Honestly if I could do a muscle up, this would suck but since I cannot do one we broke it down. The original workout was 30 muscles ups. HOWEVER we changed it around since (1) we are unable to hange the rings high enough for muscle ups at run tex and (2) no one in class can actually do a muscle up. After practicing a little bit of form we turned the workout into an AMRAP in 20 mins having 3 ring dips and 4 pull ups = 1 muscle up. I used the smallest band they had on my dips, but no band on the pull ups. I completed around 22ish rounds. I'm not a very good count.

2.24.10 EPOC #1 wk.7
Today's workout was called "Wolverine". Honestly I think it was my least likable workout ever in crossfit. I"m not sure why BUT it was yucky, I was not a fan. It wasn't that it was hard, it was just different. Anywho the workout went as followed:
6 rounds:
10 clean to press
20 push ups
10 sit ups
400m run

Melisa and I met at my apartment complex to do this one and it still sucked. We used 25lb dumbbells for the clean to press. We ran the 400m at 9.2mph. I"m not going to talk much about this one because nothing I have to say is positive LOL.

This was our Thursday workout and my ego booster! This workout left me high as a kite! The workout was:
3 rounds:
400m run
10 power clean to overhead (ground to overhead)

Honestly I'm VERY nervous about putting weight over my head, VERY nervous. However I have been working on that. Womens Rx for this was 105lbs. I was like WTF? When I saw that written on the board. After warm up we set up our bars. Coach Lisa told me to put 95lbs on the bar. I loaded the bar up as she said, but I placed 2 5lbs plates by my bar just incase I got brave. I did one rep and OHHHH BOY this was going to suck. We lined up for the 400m run since it was first. Melisa set the pace and I did what I could to keep her at least in sight (man that girl is fast!). We ran back in I did my 10 reps of ground to over head with 95lbs. Same thing for round 2. Middle of my lifts Lisa asked me if I wanted to add weight then I said no last set. Guess what I was thinking about during my whole 400m run???? she did added the weight setting my bar at 105lbs when I was on my run and I came back and knocked them out. They were not easy but I did them! I put 100+lbs over my head 10 times!!! I was on cloud 9 ALLLL day long! It was awesome! I couldn't have done it without the support of my team though!

I spent this day running errands ALL day...that was enough of a workout.

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