Monday, February 1, 2010

Wk. 4 EPOC workout #1

Well today we did week 4's EPOC workout #1....can you believe it is already week 4!!! WOW! I am debating on if I should take 4 week photos or get my body fat/wt tested. Before I get into that here is what the workout was:

50 lunges
400m run
50 pushups
400m run
50 dips
400m run
50 squats
400m run

This was done in 13:26...Goal was under 13:30 and we did it! Our speed on the treader was nothing under 9.0mph...FAST if you ask me! Great the heart rate up there thats for darn sure!

I haven't ate dinner yet, but so far here is my caloric intake:
2 boiled eggs
2 c Strawberries
9 almonds

2c grapes
3 almonds

Lunch: salad
4.5talipia grilled
0.5c celery
1.c strawberries
2-3c lettuce
almonds 6
1/2 avacado

2c strawberries
9 almonds

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