Monday, February 8, 2010

Week #5 Begins....

Today we had a GREAT workout just before Melisa had to leave for Fberg! We started off with the regular crossfit endurance workout from Saturday. This was:
9x1min on/1 min off

After our normal 1/2 mile warm up at 7mph we set the treaders for 9.5 and knocked these out noooo problem! I'm actually very shocked at the fact that I was able to still unload on melisa as we ran...i never stop talking LOL!

We then moved on to one of our EPOC Workout #3 It went like this:

21-15-9reps with (30#)
Swings (overhead)

This means you do all 3 exercises for 21 reps, then again for 15 then for 9. Honestly it was the burpees that kicked my butt! I called time at 5:29.

We then finished up our workout with practicing our OH squats, a few thrusters, a few hang cleans and 20 pull ups! We found a way to save our hands and still do pull ups at The Hills, SCORE!

My food log was HORRIBLE today...I soooo need to go to HEB...I didn't eat near enough...

1boiled egg
1 apple
Almond Butter

1T almond butter

3oz ground bison
2c roasted cauliflower
coco balls :)

Sparkling water

3-4oz fish
4 cups roasted cauliflower
slasa (for the cauliflower)
coco balls!

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  1. I really need to workout with you and melisa. I don't push my self near as hard when I do them alone. Too bad work won't let than happen. Nice time on the WOD.