Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1st Additional Workouts

Melisa tried to kill me...she is a GREAT workout partner! Sunday night we recieved an email with all the workouts we were suppose to attemt that week in addition to our normal crossfit workouts. These are 3 workouts and 1 endurance workout. After quickly planning our workout we began. We decided to take on the Endurance WOD first....3 miles for time. Because of the weather and our location we jumped on 2 of the better treaders at our gym and off we went.
0.5mi warm up, 3 mile for time, 0.5mi cool down. I did my 3 miles in 21:30m. This was a PR for me!!! WOW, a PR on my first workout...not to bad! Melisa is such a great motivator her time was 20:58 which is faster than 7 min/mi...she is FAST. The endurance workout of the week was done! Next we decided to take on one of the other workouts. As we headed down to the basketball court to mark 100ft we bumped into Pam (if she had a blog I would link it) who was doing the same thing. (Pam is a wonderful lady that I work with. She is in great shape and started crossfitting a few months ago. She is also suffering through the EPOC). We marked off 100ft on the court. Our workout was as followed for time:
100ft lunges
50 situps
100ft lunges
40 sit ups
100ft lunges
30 sit ups
100ft lunges
20 sit ups
100ft lunges
10 sit ups
Even though we just ran 3 miles we finished in 7:58...under 8 mins! Not to shappy...anxious to see how we perform at the end! This was a great workout and I was done before 8:30am that morning...it was awesome but I'm sore!!!!

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  1. Love this and I am so proud of you! You've just got to do something about the pink...it just ain't you! LoveUMoM