Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Gaudy 'n Grace" stays paleo!

Saturday morning Melisa and I got up had a nice clean paleo breakfast (eggs, fruit, paleo muffin, bacon...yummm). We got ready and headed to my church, Wesley UMC, to attend a ladies luncheon called "Gaudy in Grace", guest speaker Marty Sholars who was WONDERFUL! If you ever get a chance to go see her, DO IT! To make this luncheon happen ladies of the church offered to decorate and host tables where they could invite their friends to sit at their table. Lunch was served by Wesley Men who did an AMAZING job. We sat at my mom and Nancy's table which was decorated Mardi Gras...and it was AWESOME! They went over the top in "gaudy". As Nancy said it was border line gaudy and trashy. I LOVED it! They did a great job a promoting the event which was a success! Top right is a picture of Melisa, Mom and Me...yes she did wear that thing on her head and her boa the whole time and a pair of mardi gras glasses and beads. Next to it is a picture of Melisa and me wearing our table decorations they provided. Anyways...the luncheon was our our newest and hardest challenge. As you can see above this is what we were served, Turkey keish (HUGE slice), salad with feta and grapes. Oh and don't forget the cheesecake pie. This picture really doesn't do it justice, it looked good. It doesn't have the smell or the people around you eating with smiles on their faces. Thank goodness Melisa threw 2 boiled eggs in my purse. The boiled eggs were added for protein since we were not eating the turkey keish. We pushed the keish aside and text my dad who was a server and asked him to bring us more salad. He brought us more salad and grapes! This worked! We were able to eat paleo and like 5% zone (thanks the the feta which is more of a protein than a fat). Remember we did allow ourself 10% zone for situations like this. We finished our salad and believe it or not the pie didn't even tempt us! CRAZY...I NEVER turn down pie! LOL! We enjoyed our lunch and didn't even cheat! PERFECT! That was a tough challenge but we accepted it and won!

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