Friday, January 22, 2010

Wednesday's Workout

Well I met Melisa on the treader at 8:30am Wednesday morning. We wanted to do some cardio as well our EPOC Workout #2. And we were off. Below is our workout (there was only incline when stated, other times we ran at 0% incline)

800m warm up @ 7mph
800m (7% incline) @ 7mph
800 m @ 8mph
400m (7% incline) at 7mph
400m @ 8mph
800m cool down @ 7mph

This took us 25minutes and it was tough! Those hills are a killer but having long speedy legs Melisa next to me help pushed me! I don't remember hills being this hard outside? Wonder why the change. Normally outside is harder for me versus inside treader workouts. I know alot of y'all are thinking, why so much on a treadmill? Well one is because we have a short amount of time and if we can squeeze in a workout like this between clients then why not. I can promise you I wouldn't go that fast (that is fast for me) if I didn't have her next to me! Oh well it was done and we did it on our own!

Since time got cut short because I had to teach my spin class, I had to do my EPOC workout #2 later on that day, alone. Let me tell you, working out alone isn't as fun as having a buddy. ESPECIALLY when you have been working out with a group. On top of that I'm clearly suppose to workout in the morning, LOL. The workout was:

5 rounds for time:
10 squat cleans (25lbs)
5x20yd sprints

Where on earth am I going to get 25lbs and 20 yards? Thank goodness my facility has a basketball court...and a tape measure. Honestly, I don't know what was worse the workout or carrying the weights down to the basketball court (those that work/workout at the Hills can only understand this). 10 cleans, then down and back 5 times...10 cleans down and back 5 times...repeat 3 more times. I'm not a sprinter so my sprints were not favored. However I finished in 8:30 flat. Working out alone isn't fun! GET A BUDDY! You will be WAY more successful!

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