Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 8th, 2010 - Goal Setting and EPOC Seminar

Friday January 8th, 2010 was the kick off to our 8 week challenge. During this meeting we recieved our Tshirt (see 1st post) then attended our seminar. Here we sat with our teams and listen as Jeremy Thiel and Kary Kepler motivated us to set goals. It was an interesting meeting. We set not only our goals for this challenge BUT life goals. Kary encouraged us to keep a journal of our life. I'm horrible at this and plus you cannot read my handwriting, so maybe this can be my journal. We also learned a little about EPOC and our body's reaction...again not going into many details here because there is an awesome link that explains everything much better than I can.

Prior to this meeting I had the every so dreadful body assessment. During this assessment Travis took my body weight, body fat (using pinchers), measurments of my calf, quad, waist, hips bust, shoulders, neck, and arms (am I leaving anything out?). The results were horrible. Well I got my baseline for sure. I must shrink these numbers.

After this meeting Jess, Melisa, Melisa's Mom Becky, and me went to Central Market for our "last supper"...the cobber with dressing. While even though I can remove toppings from this salad and make it paleo I will miss the feta cheese and dressing (thats all we would have to remove right Melisa?) which just adds so much to the salad.

Then in bed because we had to take on our first benchmark workout in the morning...in 20 degree weather, yikes!

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