Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Cindy" Thursday

Above is a pic of our class with Coach Lisa AFTER we took on Cindy!
Well Thursday, January, 21st, 2010 we took on "Cindy". Lisa said "cindy" is a workout that when you attend Crossfit conference people "whats your Cindy time?". It is a rough workout, ask anyone who has been brave enough to take on Cindy. "Cindy" contains the following:

AMRAP in 20mins:

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats
While this might sound easy...WRONG!! It was rough! Tuesday I had heard that Thursday we were going to be doing MORE pull ups. We did 125 pulls ups on Tuesday. Ouch. On Wednesday night I went to Walgreens looking for an ankle wrap (which I found none, apparently everyone in ATX has a hurt ankle because I was unable to find them at other stores, the search continues tomorrow) and came home with tape. I made myself what I thought was going to be a reusable grip to tape to my hands to prevent them from tearing up more. Well since my hands were bloody afterwards, so were my grips, so I no longer can use them. Any who...we arrived that morning to workout. Did our normal warm up and started to set up for Cindy. Since Lisa is so determined to get us off band for pull ups she said only boxes, no bands. So here is where I want to take a brief second to say CONGRATS to my kick ass friend Melisa who did not use a band! Take that Cindy! And we began. I thought 5 pull ups easy knock them out, struggle through push ups (which I suck at, still do them on my knees unless we are warming up. Come On, Chest to ground isn't that easy), and fly through squats back to the bar. OHHHH that lasted one round. Pull ups quickly became sets of 2-2-1, then 1-1-1-1-1 LOL! It wasn't my back giving out on me it was my stupid hands and the bloody rips. Lisa said aim for 15 rounds, I managed to squeeze out 17 rounds plus 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 3 squats. I'll take it!

My picture above is from my blackberry that was taken by melisa after we got our normal Tuesday Thursday HEB coffee, we are celebs there. It is a picture of my hands after pull ups Tuesday and Thursday. The picture doesn't really show how nasty they are which is prob a good thing but you get the just of it!

Cindy, you are a bitch but I'll take you on ANY day of the week...

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  1. I guess workout gloves would brand you a sissy, huh?