Saturday, January 30, 2010

CF Saturday

Today I took advantage of the free workouts (yes that was plural) that Crossfit Central offered. This began with an 8am workout followed by a 9am Kettlebell workout THEN an 11am olympic workshop with Big Mike. Anyways the 8am workout went as followed:

4 rounds with 1min running clock at each station:
SDHP with KB
Box Jumps
Pull Ups
Lunges with 25# plate OH

On the last round we were suppose to count our reps. I did 435. Don't ask me how much of each I did because I just counted reps. It was nice to have an old friend now CF coach, Jen Cardella, by the pull up station to push me. This workout was a good one...even being as cold as it was I still sweated and got my heart rate up!

The 9am workout was a kettlebell workout. We broke up into teams of 3 and started at a station and rotated through the stations:

push ups
KB Swings (american and or russian)
200m Run
KB SQ Clean

We had 90 seconds at each station. 2 people could work at a time on the push ups, KB swing and KB SQ Clean while one rest. Then we each had 30 seconds at the rope then all 3 ran the 200m. I think the hardest part was figuring out who was going to work when. If you were tired then you might still have to keep going because someone on your team is worse off than you. I had a great team....Chris, JDawg and KP (me)! On the last round we were instructed to count our reps. We came in 2nd with 255 total reps!

The last event was an Olympic Lift workshope. We started off with trigger point. If you haven't ever used hurt! Honestly I have never used it until today. OUCH! We just did our legs and WOW...I was tight. I knew I was tight but this just proved it. I'm horrible about this but this is something I need to do almost least foam roll. WOW! After the trigger point we started working with our PVC pipes on hang clean, power clean, hang power clean, snatch clean, snatch power clean and hang snatch. Talk about mouth full. We ran through the proper form a zillion times with the PVC pipes then we picked up some weights. The workshop lasted about an hour and half. I think I benefited form it especially since we have to do the hang clean for our benchmarks.

2 egg whites
1.5c grapes
1T almond butter

2c strawberries
3 almonds
Americano with a tad of steamed soy

Chef Salad...all paleo!

Almond butter

Dinner: This is one of my favorite meals!
1 egg and 1 egg white
1c butternut squach (olive oil, salt and pepper to season)
1/2 avacado

WAY to many coco balls...which I told myself NO more of...I'm done with yummy coco balls...

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  1. need to be eating more protein! I only see 3 blocks of protein, not counting your sweaty cocoa balls. ;)