Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hand Ripping Tuesday

Well Tuesday was the normal 5:30am workout! Since I wanted to be prepared I brought with me my "gripper" for my hand to prevent me from ripping my hands any more. HA! The workout was:
5 rounds for time:
10 front squats
25 pull ups

We did our warm-up (shoes were awesome) then set up our bars and boxes for pull ups. I loaded 80lbs into my bar for front squats and found me a spot on the bars. I taped my right hand and was ready to go. 10 front squats done on to pull ups. I did a few then went down to doing 2-3 drop and reset. This was doing great until round 3 when my hands just started falling apart. There were rips and blood. I would do a set of pull ups then add another piece of tape. Another set up pull ups add tape. Finally my hands were hurting so bad I jumped on the box for 20, my hands hated me. Needless to say I made it through the workout in 14:52 and bloody hands. One of those hurt so good kinda things. However I am reminded of this workout when I wash my hair, hands, put lotion on, grap a weight, grap anything...pretty much all the freakin' time! LOL!

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  1. Ever hear of gloves? Or aren't they allowed?


    Stan D.