Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday Evening

Well Friday after I got off Melisa and I headed to Beaumont to visit my parents so we could attend a church luncheon on Saturday. Since Melisa and I are smart we brought food with us. On our car ride down there we packed:
boiled eggs
cantalope (sp?)
Paleo Muffins
Paleo CoCo balls
THANKD GOODNESS we had these items with us! We were able to snack without having to stop at a gas station and pray for something paleo. Well we both have strong love for chips and salsa. Thinking of ways to help solve this craving WITHOUT cheating melisa read some where to get Kale (something I have never ate) and put it on a cookie sheet 350 for 15 mins and it should take the place of chips. So Friday night, before our tour of Beaumont via Daddy, we spent some time trying to turn Kale into chips (please see pic above). While it turned out "crunchy" it didn't replace chips, but it wasn't that bad and we dipped it into salsa. It was tolerable BUT it wasn't chips.

As for dinner that night, lucky for me I have WONDERFUL parents who support me during this crazy 8 weeks of my life. They prepared us a very good paleo meal. We had 'bobs with chicken and beef and peppers. Then mom prepared this salad with fresh veggies and man was it yummy...i went back for seconds AND took the meat home with me! Ask, find and get support for this if you should decide to go paleo. It makes a world of a difference! A huge thanks to my parents for helping keep us paleo this weekend!

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