Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend In Houston...NO CHEAT!!

First of all I want to send out a HUGE congrats to my Daddy for completing the Houston Marathon 5K plus some, Aunt Barbara for completing her first half marathon in her goal of sub 3 and Uncle James for completing his first FULL marathon in his goal time of under 6 hours! I am VERY lucky to have such an AMAZING active family! Next year = no chasers!!!
Friday I worked all morning then jumped in the car and headed to Houston. I had my luggage, Duke's luggage and my food packed, I was NOT going to cheat or fail this weekend. I was invited to a Rockets game by my good friend Tony (his blog only has one entry so I'm not going to even try to link his here, LOL). I met him at his casa at 6pm and we went to the game. We walked into the Toyota Center and BAM...all the smells of food was amazing. Since I am strong, I walked passed every hotdog, pretzel, nacho booth and didn't stray. Since Tony is awesome we had passes to go down below the stands to a bar and watch the players run out...IN FRONT OF US!! Here the crew ordered drinks...and I ordered a water. This was hard. Who doesn't want an "adult beverage" while watching a sporting event. They were serving food, but we decided to wait till the half to order. Well the half came and we went back to the bar only to find out they stop serving food...aghhh!! I was starving HOWEVER when you make the decision to go paleo you must always be prepared...and carry food. Lucky for me I had made 2 paleo pancakes and put them in my purse. When the 2nd half started we went back to our seats and pulled out my pancakes and filled my hunger craving! The 2nd half came and went but I had survived without cheating at a sport event!! Well the crew wanted to out afterwards. We went to a bistro where there were a zillion of beers you could mix and match. I ordered a water with lemon and was just fine until I realized I was hungry. Crap. I had no paleo pancakes and there was no way 3 almonds, another item in my purse, was going to fix this. I got a menu and ordered a grilled chicken salad that was all paleo! Hey, I can go out and pass up beer and have a salad and have just as much fun. I got home late...if you know me, I like to be in bed early...but it was good to see old friends and NOT CHEAT!!! :) If you look close at the pic above, you can see my pancakes in my purse ;)

Saturday was the Expo/packet pick up. I got up got ready knowing that there would be MANY samples, and there was, I put in a zone 1 block snack (blueberries, boiled egg and 3 cashews) in my purse. We walked and shopped walked and shopped for many hours. Enough to stir up a stomach growl. FYI...I got a great deal on a new pair of asics and lulu shorts! So where to eat...more like whats my next challenge. After we left the expo, we decided to eat at Logans. Easy...Anything and Everything salad. I was even able to ignore the rolls that were screaming "eat me"...and we ALL know how good their rolls are! With all stomachs full we headed home to get off our feet and take a nap! Since it was the night before the runners were in need of carbs (which i'm beginning to think and learn is just a myth and you need something different). The pasta place was closed so we went to the "deli" of central market and the runners got pasta and I got a salad! Score...another day of not cheating! Life is good!
Sunday was the marathon! Day started early at 4am! We were up and getting ready. Once again I bundled up and packed my purse wtih food! Breakfast for me was paleo muffin and butternut squash YUM! Since I had nuts and paleo muffins in my purse I was able to avoid the bagles when we stopped for coffee and get rid of any hugar that occurs. After all runners crossed the finish line (I'm so proud!! ) We headed out for lunch. They wanted pizza which left me with salad....again. I'm beginning to get sick of salads but they keep me from cheating so I'll tolerate them and that makes me happy! I ate, showered and packed and headed back to ATX stopping to have dinner with the boy, Debra and Marc. Since lights were out on the block where Texas Roadhouse was we went to saltgrass. They have an excellent chicken and veggie dish with side salad. I made a happy plate and headed back to ATX!
This means I made it through the whole weekend in Houston without cheating! This was an awesome feeling! Congrats again to my amazing family...looking forward to 2011 events!

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