Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday's Workout

Okay so I'm playing catch up...i know...After I taught at 6am I met Melisa at 8am for the CF Endurance workout as well as our EPOC Workout #1 from the sheets that were given to us for this week. The endurance workout was 200m sprints (I suck at sprints, bad) with a rest in between. The rest in between was double what it took you to do the 200 in (i.e. if it took you 45 seconds to do the 200, you rest for 1:30 inbetween). Our workout went as the following:
800m warmup
Sprints 1-4 were at a speed of 6:40/mi
Sprints 5-8 were at a pace of 6:40-6:18/mi
800m cool down

This was tough BUT I don't think near as tough as the 3mi for time workout...WOW! We used 0.15 as our "200" but I think the actual count on the treader is 0.12. 0.15 was just much easier to add. We shorted our breaks a little, meaning they were not near as long as there were suppose to be, but that is okay.

Now for workout #1, like always following the elite. This one was TOUGH! AMRAP 12min of:
3 shoulder press (20lbs)
6 Broad Jumps
9 Back Extensions (aka supermans)
Now which of those 3 exercies do you think was tough? Freakin' back extensions liked to killed us! We were able to get 20 rounds in to the second of 12 minutes. I was wooped! We did the shoulder press, 3 hops one way turn around 3 hops the other, flop (not kidding) on a mat for back extensions/supermans. It was an interesting combo to say the least! LOL!

I wore my new tennis shoes for this workout and it they are AWESOME!!

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