Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuesday 1.26.10

This workout was interesting. I had to modify one part of it but before I go into that the workout is as follows:
5 rounds for time
400m run
12 HSPU (Handstand Push Ups)
10 K to E (knee to elbow)

This means after our warm up we began our workout. This was a perfect workout for Melisa and Me...she pushed me during the run and then I pushed her during the weights! I don't like to modify my workouts but I had to on this the handstand push ups. Since I cannot do the full deal I did the modify version for me with my knees on the box to create a handstand push ups. ugh. The best part was I was hauling it in for the last 400m (thank goodness) and I could hear Melisa coming up. She was POUNDING some pavement, so I tried to pound harder...nope LOL! Her and her little bad ass self passed me. LOL! I ran in finished the workout in 15:50!

I went on to teach a Pedal n' Pump class where I only participated in the cycle class then coach the "pump" part. Made for a good day!

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