Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday's Workout

Its official, I'm crazy! Technically I didn't have to be at work till 9:30am. Where was I at 5:30am, on a treader trying to keep up with Melisa. This is becoming a common thing...trying to keep up with Melisa, I love it! Since we were traveling to Beaumont this weekend we needed to get a workout in at some point. Therefore we settled with a modified version of an endurance workout. Modified meaning we had to cut the rest time in half because we were in a hurry. Therefore our workout went as the following (we it says "off" we went back to 7mph):
400m warmup @7mph
5min at 8.3mph
2.5min off
4 min at 8.6mph
2 min off
3 min at 8.6mph
1 min off
2 min at 8.8mph
1 min off
1 min at 9.0mph
1 min off
400 m cool down at 7mph

It was good little endurance workout, nice way to start the day! It ended up totalling 3.25 miles, not to shabby. After that I went to the 6am class where Melisa had us do a varity of different exercise including our EPOC WOD #3, even though we didn't have to do it since we did the others we took it on. The workout went as followed:
3 Rounds for time:
30 double unders (or 60 singles, I did the singles)
15 squats
10 push ups (I did mine on my knees)
I knocked it out in 3:22...wam,bam thank you mam. Got the heart rate up there too! I stayed around for a little bit more then headed for the showers and to take care of some work business. before my 9:30am client! This was a great way to end my week! However, my inner quads (aka adductors) are super sore....

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