Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well it was better than what I thought. Here was our workout for this morning (out to the side are my personal notes and weights)

20min Time Limit:
50 box jumps
100 push ups (all on knees chest to ground)
50 snatches (25/arm 15#)
50 press (25/arm 15#)
50 sprawl/DL (15#...prob should have done more)
100 squats (body weight butt on ball)
50 Double unders (or 100 singles...I did the singles)

Finished: 19:28

I quickly learned, if you stop it only gets worse. Alot of sets were broken up into 5 reps with short breaks only to let my muscles "regroup". As sad as it sounds, this workout was actually kinda fun...crazy I know. I do have to thank Melisa for pushing me. I was going at La-te-Da pace then Melisa started repping out those sprawl/DLs like they were no bodys business and so I figured la-te-da pace wasn't going to do it. After thanking her after the workout I discovered she apparently was pushing everyone...typical of Melisa, making everyone want to do their best! LOL! Any ways it was a good hard workout. The workout was a good one and I highly suggest you give it a try! Let me know how it turns out!

P.S. No HR Monitor...I wish I had it though...this will pass...

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